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The KXStudio repositories support all Debian versions since Wheezy and Ubuntu 12.04 or above.
They should work on all Debian-based distributions and variants, but the way to enable them will differ.
After the repositories are enabled and the system updated, we recommend you to install the "kxstudio-default-settings" package.

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Below is information on how to enable the repositories.


Debian users can enable our repositories by installing this deb file: kxstudio-repos.deb.
If you're running Debian Wheezy, consider installing the backports repo package as well: kxstudio-repos-backports.deb. (*only* for wheezy)


Ubuntu users can also install deb files for the repositories, but different files are needed for each version.
As such, we recommend you to enable the repositories using the command-line instead. Just follow these steps:

# Cleanup previous installations if needed
sudo rm -f /var/kxstudio/*
sudo apt-get purge kxstudio-repos
# Install needed tools sudo apt-get install software-properties-common wget
# Enable KXStudio repo (press 'Enter' once asked) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kxstudio-debian/kxstudio
# Update software sources sudo apt-get update
# Install kxstudio-repos sudo apt-get install kxstudio-repos
# Update software sources again sudo apt-get update


Users on other linux distributions should enable the repositories that best match their distro.
Remember that KXStudio offers repositories only for Debian and its based systems.